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The Goatalympics is the primary fundraiser for New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and re-homing animals in need.

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In order for the Goatalympics to be a success, we need your help!


Sponsorship Information Packet (1,518kb PDF)

It costs $5,000 to hold the Goatalympics, and we hope to cover all the costs with sponsorships so the proceeds from raffle tickets, silent auctions, class registrations, merchandise sales, and additional sponsor donations may all go to help pay for the food and medical care of animals in need.

We have five different levels of sponsorship:


This is the way your company can be a hero. A Goat Hero.

You will have your company name on all media publications, notices, and event materials. Your company’s logo will appear big and bold on the event banners and merchandise sold and given away for the event. Your company’s name will be shared every time we have a media interview, television spot, and at all 2018 outreach events.

In return, you will allow us to make sure every single dollar earned goes directly to where it is needed most: the goats currently in our rescue.

★ Gold Medal Sponsor: $500 – Your name is listed on posters, announced at the event, your smaller logo will appear on our event T-shirt, and you will have an individual banner in the arena.

★ Silver Medal Sponsor: $200 – Your name is listed on posters, announced at the event, and your smaller logo will appear on our event T-shirt.

★ Bronze Medal Sponsor: $100 – Your name is listed on posters and announced at the event.

★ Ribbon Sponsor: $50 – Your name is listed on posters.

New Moon Farm’s annual operating budget is approximately $70,000, and the funds raised at this event goes a long way in helping us meet our needs this year. If we don’t have to cover the event costs on top of that, it will stretch each donated dollar further. That’s why we need you to be our Goat Hero.

Check out our website at www.newmoonfarm.org for more information about the rescue. Under the “About” section you’ll find all you need in regards to statistics, financial information, and the Board of Directors.

This year, your company can stand out in the crowd. Goats are so popular right now – appearing in dozens of commercials, featured in television programs, and even in music videos. With your event sponsorship you will not only be claiming your support of a local animal rescue, but support of a goat rescue. And that’s something worth bragging about.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a 2018 Goatalympics Sponsor at donate@goatalympics.org.

Sponsorship Information Packet (1,518kb PDF)

Sponsorship Form (320kb PDF)

And on behalf of the goats and sheep of New Moon Farm, THANK YOU for your donation![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]