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What to bring with you to the Goatalympics

Thank you for being a participant! If you are competing in the Goatalympics, we have a few suggestions for what you should bring along on the day of the event.¬†Remember to wear closed-toed shoes. ¬†We’ll have cleaning equipment on site, and bedding, so you don’t need to bring those items.

Necessary Items

  • Hay
  • Hay container/bag
  • Water bucket
  • Goat treats
  • Signs & stall decorations (remember, the exhibitor with the best decorated stall will win a gift basket from Goatalympics Organizing Committee). Make sure your sign has your name, the names of your goats, their breeds, ages, and if they were adopted from New Moon Farm!
  • Human drinks/refreshments

Recommended Items

  • Special treats for the Obstacle Course
  • Portable chair(s)
  • Hand sanitizer or hand wipes
  • Cooler and ice
  • Battery operated fans or spritzer bottles
  • Change of clothes

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