New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary is, sadly, cancelling the Goatalympics.

Although the event has grown in size and popularity every year, it has also gotten more difficult to organize for the small set of volunteers who run it. This, in combination with recent changes to Evergreen State Fairground policies regarding funds raised at events at the venue, have led us to cancel the event.

To every single person who participated in the previous eight Goatalympics – from the exhibitors who took the time to stitch costumes and train their goats to go through obstacles – to the many donors who contributed thousands of dollars of raffle and auction items – to the many food vendors and beer garden vendors who helped make the event a success – to the dozens of volunteers who served as Official Wranglers year after year – and lastly, to the 5,000+ annual attendees who really made this event bigger than we ever imagined – THANK YOU. We’ve had such a blast making this event a reality, and hope you have good memories as well.